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Articles by Martin Elkort on photography:


Politics and Landscape – Rangefinder Magazine, March 2011.
“A beautiful photograph, like a beautiful poem, always contains a mystery, an elusive and haunting nucleus that makes us return again to probe its depths, hoping to winnow yet another insight. The mystery is often in plain sight but its meaning may be obscured with the passage of time.”

Visual Recorders of Time – Rangefinder Magazine, March 2009.
“Only in America!” Three little words that were repeated by thousands of “greenhorns” (immigrants) at the beginning of the last century who were awed by the freedom and opportunities available in this country. The mantra became the title of a best-selling book by folk-philosopher Harry Golden.”

A Look Back at the Dawn of Digital – Rangefinder Magazine, June 2007.

Michael Richard – Rangefinder Magazine, January 2007.

Confessions of a Street Walker – Rangefinder Magazine, January 2007.

About the New York Photo League – April 2006.

What Photography Means
Remarks by Martin Elkort at the opening of his one-man show at the Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, CA, February 2006 with excerpts printed in the March 2006 issue of Rangefinder Magazine.

Why I Take Pictures – April 9, 2001.


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