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An American Mirror: The Movie

If you’d like to stream this from Vimeo to your smart television, click on the little clock symbol at the top right of the screen to watch later. Then when you log into Vimeo on your smart television, it will be in your queue. You can also click the Vimeo logo on the bottom right of the screen and it will take you directly to the Vimeo link.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the documentary and learn more about Martin Elkort. We welcome your comments below and while you’re here, take a minute to check out Martin’s new book “Children: Behind The Lens.” With it’s focus on Martin’s photographs of children, it features many of the photographs you will have seen in this documentary.

9 Responses to An American Mirror: The Movie

  1. Erik R says:

    Amazing movie!

  2. Trish Blassingame says:

    Love the photos and the movie is excellent.

  3. Robin Brooks says:

    I think this is just splendiferous!!

    Beautiful, beautiful images and thoughts and messages.

    Amazing to watch/listen to the story about Martin meeting with Alfred Stieglitz. I had such a similar experience when I showed my portfolio to Milton Glazer when I was in my late twenties, going to New York to try to assess my career as a graphic designer.

    Glaser looked at my portfolio and said: Why do you think you are a graphic designer? Go get some training! Go to the School of Visual Arts and learn something!

    I did. I took one courses in illustration and graphic design.

    I then returned to see Glaser, showed him my portfolio after these courses, and he said: Okay. NOW you can call yourself a graphic designer.

    I can’t believe how similar our experiences were!!


  4. Robin Brooks says:

    I apologize. Not Stieglitz. Edward Steichen.


  5. Deborah Bradford says:

    This film is both beautifully endearing and a great cultural contribution! Thank you for taking the time to engage with your father, Stefani and siblings, and to document in this way Martin Elkort’s lifetime accomplishments.

  6. Mike Patrick says:

    Great movie! Thank you for producing such a well made accounting of such an inspirational man.

  7. Ivan ilko says:

    I am very impressed on the quality of Stefani’s work.

    I would of love to meet with her father,

    Ivan ilko

  8. Marvin Macnow says:

    I have made many close friends over the years,but none dearer to me than Marty. He was funny, self effacing and encouraging. I am privileged to have
    been a subject of his lens. We performed on stage together, worked together and laughed together.
    This film is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful guy

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