New York & Beyond • 1948
Atta Boy
Summer Camp • 1946
Hoop Dee Doo
New York and Beyond • 1949
Merry Go Round
Coney Island • 1951
Abstracts • 1956
Vintage photo of Martin Elkort

About the photographer


Martin Elkort (American, b. April 18, 1929 – d. November 19, 2016) was born in New York and grew up amidst the Great Depression. He took his first professional photograph at the age of 10 while on a car trip with his family in Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun purchased his photographs of submerged cars during a flood and at that point, he was hooked on photography.

At the age of 15 Martin came down with polio and spent 4 months in the hospital. When he returned home, his parents bought him his first Ciroflex, a twin-lens reflex camera, that cost them about a week’s salary at the time. After his recovery, he set out around Manhattan taking pictures of whatever interested him.

About the Work


The majority of photographs in the collection were shot circa 1945-1956. Many during this era were taken during Martin's membership in the New York Photo League. His more recent works, shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas and Mexico, continue the style of street photography that has made Martin Elkort’s photographs unique and endearing to many generations.


Children: Behind the Lens by Martin Elkort is now available for purchase. This 9 x 9 inch offset print photography book will make a wonderful addition to any photographer’s book collection as well as anyone who enjoys experiencing the world through a child’s joyful eye.


In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Martin Elkort roamed the urban landscape of New York City with his camera in search of the perfect picture. His indelible images of simpler times remind us that the human experience can be a joyous one. Poignant and insightful, his photographs reflect the Great American Melting Pot in all its unpolished glory.

Enjoy these YouTube productions with slideshows of the photographs and voiceover narratives as seen through the eyes of Martin Elkort.

"A beautiful photograph, like a beautiful poem, always contains a mystery, an elusive and haunting nucleus that makes us return again to probe its depths, hoping to winnow yet another insight. The mystery is often in plain sight but its meaning may be obscured with the passage of time."

– Martin Elkort


The Photographs

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Stefani Twyford

Memorial Day

When Martin attended Cooper Union art school in the early 1950s, he was often a featured illustrator for their magazine, Folio. Here is a beautiful piece in honor of Memorial

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Martin Elkort on Photography
Martin Elkort

Michael Richard: Blind Ambition

In Valleyheart Drive, a sundappled street fronting a culvert in the heart of California’s San Fernando Valley, is an unassuming cottage. It is the home of photographer Michael Richard. He is blind.

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Martin Elkort on Photography
Martin Elkort

About the New York Photo League

View, positive, depth, focus, develop. Those words have special meanings for photographers, as they had to Martin Elkort when he joined the Photo League of New York in 1947. The

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Sunday Funnies
Stefani Twyford

Sunday Funnies

Sunday morning, the sharp light filtering through the windows, illuminating the scene as two kids are focused on the morning comics, or what they referred to as “the funnies,” with

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Martin Elkort on Photography
Martin Elkort

Why I Take Pictures

I watch a flag whip in the wind on a metal pole. My pleasure is sensuous – the sun is shining and the morning air is clear and crisp in

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