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Martin’s daughter, Stefani Twyford, manages his photography estate. She is happy to answer an inquiries into purchases, comments about his work or provide any other information you might be seeking. Please feel free to contact her below.

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    2nd Street and 2nd Ave Snowstorm-1948
    Stefani Twyford

    2nd Street and 2nd Ave Snowstorm -1948

    The iconic city of New York bundled up in a blanket of snow, a reminder of a simpler time. This vintage photograph shot by Martin in 1948, takes us on a journey through the bustling streets, now quiet and still.

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    Stefani Twyford

    Listening to Ghost Stories

    Whether you believe in ghosts or not, young kids are often the best audience for good ghost stories. Told with equal elements of entertainment, belief and fear of the unknown,

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    Martin Elkort on Photography
    Martin Elkort

    A Look Back at the Dawn of Digital

    President Clinton and British Prime Minister John Major, right, walk between U.S. servicemen’s headstones during a D-Day anniversary service at the American cemetery in Cambridge, England, Saturday June 4, 1994.

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