An American MIRROR

Exploring the life and work of noted New York street photographer Martin Elkort, An American Mirror  is a heartfelt tribute and educational documentary created by his daughter, award winning producer Stefani Twyford of Legacy Multimedia. More than just a study of Martin’s work, An American Mirror is an intimate visit with a truly interesting character who shares stories about the history of American photography along with major events that changed the nation.

An American Mirror chronicles Elkort’s winding journey from his boyhood in New York during the Great Depression to a young man coming of age in the new world of documentary photography. Educated at the Cooper Union, Elkort was also a member of the renowned New York Photo League where he studied under, and shared darkrooms with Aaron SiskindLou Stoumen and Sid Grossman, among others. It documents his story of moving away from street photography in order to support his growing family, and of his journey back when he retired and found a growing interest not only in the Photo League, but in his own work as well. The documentary follows his evolution as an artist with an emotionally honest photographic eye and as a respected writer.

Narrated by award-winning voice talent Kurt Kelly, the 55-minute film features many of Elkort’s vintage and newer photographs along with insights from highly respect museum curators Anne Wilkes Tucker and Catherine Evans as well as gallery owner Catherine Couturier, that provide fascinating historical context and artistic commentary.


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Stefani Twyford

Memorial Day

When Martin attended Cooper Union art school in the early 1950s, he was often a featured illustrator for their magazine, Folio. Here is a beautiful piece in honor of Memorial

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Martin Elkort on Photography
Martin Elkort

A Look Back at the Dawn of Digital

President Clinton and British Prime Minister John Major, right, walk between U.S. servicemen’s headstones during a D-Day anniversary service at the American cemetery in Cambridge, England, Saturday June 4, 1994.

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Martin Elkort on Photography
Martin Elkort

Confessions of a Street Walker

Featured in Rangefinder Magazine (January 2007) Why Street Photography? Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, famously replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” If asked why he or

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